1. How to Create a Book of Shadows that You'll Love
  2. How to Create a Book of Shadows that You'll Love
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Recipes, spells, rituals, blank pages for printing out and using crafting ideas and images you can use for your book of shadows.. general information and just. May 5, Explore Jennifer Storelli's board "Book of Shadows pages", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Book of shadows, Magick. May 21, Explore Sabrina's board "Book Of Shadows Pages", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Witchcraft, Book of shadows and .

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Book Of Shadows Pages

Book of Shadows Blessing spell pages by steelgoddess on Etsy, $ Magic Witchcraft, Pagan & Wiccan: How To Make My Book Of Shadows Pages . Editing all the gem photos to be transparent took forever but I think it was worth it! Now the gemstone section of my digitized book of shadows is all done ~. Check out our book of shadows pages selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our spirituality & religion shops.

Full Moon, February 19th. Went with a sundial to fill the blank space. Shout out to infant-tyrone for giving some helpful suggestions. It has the wheel of the year and the phases of the moon which I can spin so that the current one is at the pointer the broom on top. It spins!

The first, added by Phoebe , was a spell to banish the Woogyman.

Later, at the end of the series, the sisters write in the book about their adventures and what become of their lives. Leo Wyatt , Piper's husband, also added an entry titled "Tips for Future Whitelighters", fearing he may not live to see his sons grow up.

The entry included information on whitelighter powers and advice on using them.

How to Create a Book of Shadows that You'll Love

The triquetra symbol has been known to change, usually according to some change in the sisters' powers or emotional state. Can keep itself within the Manor, unless otherwise removed by one of The Charmed Ones or their family.

Cannot be photocopied. If the sisters lose belief in one another, the sisters will lose their powers and the triquetra on the front of the book will separate.

The Grimoire's pages are said to be blackened by its evil. Much like the Book of Shadows, the Grimoire possesses the power to protect itself from its enemies or anything good. The Grimoire's spells and incantations are written in Latin. It makes only a few appearances in the television series and Leo later orbs it, to rest under a mountain of rock in the West Andes, to prevent the coronation of another Source. Bianca and her family of assassin witches possess a grimoire which contains their family's spells, although this is simply a grimoire and not the Grimoire.

How to Create a Book of Shadows that You'll Love

For instance, good spells were replaced with evil spells. Gypsy books[ edit ] In the series, Gypsies and witches are sister traditions. Though never specifically stated to be so, Gypsy families also have their own versions of the Book of Shadows that is passed down to immediate family members.

This was shown in the season five episode, " The Eyes Have It ", wherein the Gypsy Eva finds her family spell book previously owned by her mother after her mother's death. Like traditional Books of Shadows, Gypsies' books contain spells and magical recipes. She claims the show draws deeply on wiccan terminology and ritual such as the witches' adding information to their Book of Shadows , but asserts that it is still a fantasy show.

AND I can use dividers to make sections. AND it lays flat when it's open, making it easier to follow a recipe. OR I can just take the pages I need out and put them back in again later. You can also make a cover out of paper or get a binder with a clear sleeve on the outside, then you can paint, draw or print out a cover and slide it right into your clear sleeve.

Book Of Shadows

You will also need a pen. Pencil marks wear off over time so a pen is best. Some folks like to have a special pen for their Book of Shadows. A refillable fountain pen is nice. But again, if it's too complicated, just get any old pen and go for it.

Do not let your lack of a really cool pen interfere with the creation of your Book of Shadows!! You will also need whatever tools you generally use to cleanse and consecrate your magical tools Directions: 1. Obtain and Organize Your Book Consider how you want to organize your book.

Book of Shadows

Although there are other methods, some good possibilities are the Table of Contents or Tab style and the Index Style. Table of Contents Organization involves dividing your book into sections and having a Table of Contents somewhere in the book, usually near the beginning or end, that lists the starting page number of each section. Alternatively, the sections can be indicated by tabs. If you are using a 3-ring binder, you can use tabed inserts to mark each section.

If you are using a blank book, spiral notebook or composition book, you may wish to number your pages and create a Table of Contents or you can use colored post-it tabs to mark each section in your book. If you create a Table of Contents, make sure you do it on the second page, not the first. Leave the first page blank.

Do not try to populate these sections at this time or you may get bogged down.

Just create your sections and mark them out and move on to the next task for now. When you are ready to start writing, flip to that section and go for it.

The Index method does not divide up the book into sections. Instead, you list your main topics near the back or front of the book where they can easily be referenced and when you write in your book, you list the page number of what you just wrote under the appropriate topic in your index.

So instead of flipping through sections, you would look at your index and see that you wrote about Topic A on page 8, 17, 22, and 91 and turn to those pages to find what you're looking for. Since you wrote the book, you probably wouldn't have to search through all of those pages to find exactly what you were looking for because you might remember that you wrote something recently or a long time ago. Remember to leave the first page blank.

The following sections are suggested, but you may add or omit whichever sections you wish as best suits your personal practice and do not feel that you have to stick to this order. Rules to Live By Many practitioners follow certain laws and it's a good idea to have them right up front where you can meditate on them, absorb them, explore them and refer to them quickly and easily.

Holy Days and Rites of Passage In this section you will record the dates and special significance of any holy days you celebrate and any rites of passage you experience, either as the recipient of the rite or the officiant of the rite. These may include the traditional Western Sabbats as well as any monthly observances you participate in and any special personal days, such as birthday celebrations, initiations, handfasting and marriage rites, adulthood rites, naming ceremonies and whatever else comes up in your life and personal practice.

Write notes about the significance of each event, the rituals tied to each event, including traditional foods, decorations and gift-giving practices as well as special ceremonies and journal each individual event you celebrate. If you celebrate these events with your family, this will make your Book of Shadows a very special heirloom to pass down through the generations.

Symbols and Correspondences In this section, you will keep any tables of correspondence you collect or develop as well as symbol s, rune s, magical language s, sigil s and whatever else that is symbolic in nature that you find useful during your magical journey. Spells In this section, you will write down each spell you perform before you perform it. Then you will journal about the actual spell after you have performed it and continue journaling about the results of the spell.

Include your thoughts about what worked well and what felt weird and how you could have done it differently and how it can be improved. Recipes Every holy day and rite of passage has food associated with it. Many witches also like to prepare special ritual wine or cakes consumed only as part of a magical ritual. If this is you, be sure to include a section for your recipes because it's a long time between Samhain feasts and you'd hate to leave out an ingredient in your famous pumpkin soup.

If you have a special chant you like to recite while stirring to imbue your feast with magic, be sure to include this or a cross-reference to the appropriate section. Crafts Many witches enjoy crafting their own magical tools and candles as well as making household items like soap. If this is you, include this section with step-by-step instructions for each item as well as notes for their use, spells that you like to imbue into the item you can cross-reference to the spell section and herbs or essential oils you like to use to scent items for specific purposes, seasonal variations, etc.

Chants, prayers and songs There are many lovely chant s we come across online, in books and at public rituals and some of us even write our own. Your Book of Shadows should have a section for these even if they can be found in the Holy Day ritual and spell sections. If you have a prayer you say at dawn, at bedtime or at mealtimes, be sure to include these as well.

Do not be afraid to "steal" someone else's chant, prayer or song for your own personal use; that's what they put them out there for, just make sure you write down the name of the author, if you can find it. If you were to publish your book of shadows in either print or digital format blog, website, e-book, etc.

Otherwise, it will have to be removed from the public version.

A Dream Journal In this section, you will record any significant, especially vivid or recurring dreams that you experience. Include notes about what's going on in your life when you have these dreams. Some people like to keep a separate dream journal and this is fine too. Journey or Meditation Journal If you journey , engage in Astral Projection or practice meditation , keep a journal to record your experiences and impressions during these exercises.

Be sure to include any music, fragrances or different methods you used so you can judge their effectiveness later.


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