astrology as per Lal Kitab are better summed up here as follows. 1. The Sun as lord of . the effects of Sun in various houses alongwith the remedies. The sun. lal kitab and remedies - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Lalkitab - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Lalkitab Remedies.

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    Lal Kitab Remedies Pdf

    Be specific and do the LalKitab remedies in the particular age or time mentioned in this horoscope to get success and gain in life. LalKitab. This page provides lal kitab reports and lal kitab remedies for planet in lal kitab horoscope. Lal Kitab Horoscope and Astrology by Vedic Rishi. Vedic Rishi Provides free Lal kitab horoscope and remedies along with planet and house analysis.

    According to some believers Ravana is considered to be the original author of Lal Kitab. They say that when Ravana lost power due to arrogance, he also lost possession of Lal Kitab which later surfaced in a place called Aaad in Arabia, where it got translated into Urdu and Persian. Some people believe it to be a part of Arabian and Islamic culture and believe it to be having Persian origins, many call it The Red Book of Persia [3] but most of acclaimed followers and researchers attribute it to be a book on branch of jyotisha , as the book follows the planetary positions and names of Navagraha used by vedic people to give predictions and remedies. The names of the five set of books authored by Pt. Roop Chand Joshi, together called as Lal Kitab with their years of publication, are as follows. A copy of first book published in is preserved in Lahore Museum. In other word the book is on astro-palmistry, that is, it has mixed the two different arts of Palmistry and Jyotisha a. Hindu astrology together.

    In Lal Kitab, nine planets have been accorded prominence as in the Vedic astrology.

    In addition, the predictions are based on the planetary position according to the twelve houses. However, there are differences in Vedic astrology and Lal Kitab. In case of Vedic Astrology, the houses are fixed but the zodiac signs are not fixed whereas in Lal Kitab both houses and zodiac signs are fixed.

    Lal Kitab and Remedies

    Most important aspect of Lal Kitab is the identification of malefic planets and easy, inexpensive and extremely effective remedial measures for propitiation of their ill effects. Lal Kitab remedies are affordable, easy and provide quick results. The effect of remedies is unbelievable.

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    It is said that these remedies are especially suitable for quick results in Kaliyuga as the traditional methods. Mantra, Yagya, Japa, Havana etc.

    Donate three bananas in temple for 43 days. Feed your father sweets patisha for 43 days.

    Make your father wear 7 rati red coral in gold. Feed jiggery to monkeys. Put some money in red handkerchief from temple and keep it in your pocket if possible the money should be of bronze.

    One must flux 4 coconut and. Anyone having conflict with father, or their father are not capable of doing anything, must wear Surya. Read Aditya Hardiye sutra. Put some money in.

    Lalkitab | Nature

    One must flux 4 coconut and grams almond in water. Anyone having conflict with father, or their father are not capable of doing anything, must wear Surya mathyam rahi matrdand yantra. Give 3 bananas in temple for 43 days. Keep Gangajal and a silver square in a bowl of silver. Take blessings from mother or a learned person by touching their feet. If there is any trunk, box or dirtiness in north east direction, then remove it.

    Donate the vegetables which are produced in earth at the religious place. Wear surya mathyam marthand yantra on neck. Never keep your head at east and north side while sleeping.

    Donate 3 bananas at temple for 43 days. Give service to dog.

    Lal Kitab and Remedies

    Ketu madhyam yantra must be worn on the neck and if there is pain in waist and legs start sleeping on the left hand. Wear Budh and Rahu Yantra on the neck. Pierce your nose for 6 days, wear gold or silver ring or you can wear white thread also. Give 6 almonds to 6 different girls for 6 days. Pierce your ears and wear gold.

    If you are short-tempered then wear Surya shani mardand yantra on the neck. If you are patient by nature then wear Chandra Rahu mardand Yantra. The red kum-kum is essential in all auspicious occasion and Hindu religious rites. In fact, Lal Kitab mandates in very clear terms, that any book dealing with this system must be bound in non-shining, red color.

    For the first time in the history of astrology, Lal Kitab introduced a new style of horoscope analysis with quick and affordable remedies, which were devoid of remedies like pooja and wearing of gemstones , generally recommended by other branches of Vedic astrology and Jyotisha.

    In present days, there are many followers of Lal Kitab. In India and abroad one can find many practitioners of Lal Kitab, prescribing remedies as per farmanns of these books. There are many people, who claim to have benefited from the remedies of these books. The mass followers of Lal Kitab are increasing everyday and this science has become very popular in present days throughout different parts of world.


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